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It improves the quality of what you can see in the dark and is meant to be used for fun.

How to convert your old phone into a spy camera

The final result depends on the camera quality on your phone, because night Vision camera need infra red radiation and mobile phone don't have that, but our algorithm try to make thermal vision and night vision sight for you. Also the algorithm works well while using high quality phone camera as compare to low quality phone camera. But it only tries to make and create night vision sight for your during low luminosity and darkness.

Our app is simulator and only tries to enhancement the image from the camera view, so the final result depends a lot on camera performance and the quality of your phone. We are working hard to make this app to work better on every Android Mobile phone device. Reviews Review Policy. View details. Flag as inappropriate.

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Visit website. Privacy Policy. See more. Setup is fast and easy so even if you only have one phone you can set it up at night time as an extra layer of security.

There are many apps available that convert your phone into an IP camera, all offering slightly different feature set, we have selected the best free security camera app for Android and apple. Download Salient Eye. It is a free security monitoring app that uses motion detection to sense movement and then can be set to email or text you.

Salient eye also has a cloud file server where it uploads photos it captures and can be view anywhere you have the internet. Even if the thief steals the phone you will still have access to the pictures it captured. In the App store grab Manythings , it is a motion detector and can be set up similar to its Android counterpart. If a Smartphone is not enough for your needs, then you should look at getting your hands on some wireless security cameras with night vision and audio monitoring. We have a vast range of security equipment so be sure to check us in your search. To keep prying eyes out of the signal make sure any wireless cameras you buy use encryption and have your own password setup.

With default settings, it is straightforward to find IP cameras on the internet and can even be used to spy on you in your own home. Sign in.

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  7. It is a very unique feature which this app has for you. Once you follow the instructions you will be a pro in using this app. Thermal night vision colour filter effect camera has the best quality for you to click pictures in. Android users go ahead and download it now for a better picture where light is less.

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    This app has this wonderful feature which allows you to capture a memory just the way it is at night. It also consists of 2 colour scheme for night vision. Night, honey bee and UV effects are an addition in this app. You can trick your friends as they will believe that you actually have a thermo-graphic device. Android users are lucky to have this app for free on play store.

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    The night mode video camera has access to both front and rare camera of your mobile. It even has the 8x zoom in it. A proper image will be captured even in the less illuminated area. It has a shutter speed control with tapping to focus on the image and the exposure too. Night camera lite has a timer facility too. It has a zoom of 10x and flash setting as well. Night camera lite supports LED and colour filter like sepia, red, blue, green, black and white. Night Eyes Lite- Night camera iphone Clicking pictures at the lowest lit area and having a clarity in it is what this app provides you with.

    It includes 10x zoom in it and various filters. This is the perfect app for you to capture images and record during no light or dim light. Various filters are there in it for making the image look real and clear. Histogram setting with eco mode and manual adjustment is there in this app making it work like a pro. It supports the front and back camera of your device.

    These apps are very helpful as clear and good images are captured by using it when there is less light or no light.