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File Activity Monitoring Gather 17 different event types with full details Scale to any number of servers or NAS devices at a fraction of the size of native logs. File Activity Querying and Reporting Leverage an easy-to-use interface to see query results Collect file activity for specific values or value combinations to answer security, compliance, and operational questions. File system monitoring and file system auditing tool provides easy-to-use dashboard for querying and reporting on file access activity and file server activity.

File monitor software feeds file activity monitoring data into security and event management SIEM technology like Splunk and QRadar to see file access activities, file modifications, file deletions, permission changes, as well as suspicious file activity indicative of ransomware. Start Monitoring your File Activity Now.

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File Activity Monitoring Software

Contact the sales team for pricing. Source: NetFort. Contact the sales team for detailed pricing. Click here to download the trial version. DirectoryMonitor is a tool that monitors and detects the changes made to your file system in real-time. Source: DirectoryMonitor. There are two versions — the basic one is free while the pro version comes at a price.

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The price of the pro version is applicable for the entire lifetime and is as follows. Click here to download the basic version. FolderChangesView from Nirsoft is a simple tool to monitor the chosen folders and disk drives.

It lists out all the files that were created, deleted, or modified. Click here to download this tool. To conclude, file server monitoring tools make it easy to track any changes to your files and folders. The above-mentioned tools are simple to use and come with some powerful capabilities to give you complete control over your file system access and use.

The Benefits of Agent-Free File Monitoring Software

Source: SolarWinds Features Tracks file changes in real-time Ensures end-to-end monitoring Sends intelligent alerts for pre-defined thresholds. Creates easy-to-read reports. Monitors file changes across different operating systems and cloud environments. Download Click here to download a fully-functional day free trial.

Monitoring Software for Windows Logs. Mastered.

Netwrix Netwrix Auditor for Windows File Servers not only keeps track of who has accessed your files and folders but also gives actionable security intelligence that will help you to better protect your assets. Source: Netwrix Features Shows files, folders, and permissions that were created, deleted or modified on any day. Provides continuous file server auditing Creates ready-to-use reports on access events. Displays the successful and unsuccessful file read attempts Makes it easy to review effective permissions to files and folders Categorizes files based on the data they contain.

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Pricing Contact the sales team for pricing. Download Click here to download a day free trial version. Source: ManageEngine Features Audits file and folder access. Provides a snapshot of file activity, user activity, and access patterns.

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Focuses on important events such as file deletion, renaming, and permission changes. Identifies the most active users, the files that were accessed the most, and other important parameters. Monitors file integrity. Sends real-time alerts for changes made to certain files or folders. Helps to comply with all regulatory mandates. Download Click here to download a trial version. FileAudit FileAudit is file monitoring tool from IS Decisions and this tool helps an organization to protect its sensitive data and meet the compliance standards of different regulatory authorities. Source: FileAudit Features Monitors file access in real-time. Provides comprehensive, sortable, and real-time information about file access. Continuously examines different operations such as read, create, and delete.

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