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Current status, real time and historical playback. Safe-halo provides visibility and critical life-saving communication beyond the boundaries of mobile phone service. Sample Video Complete Visibility with History Safe-halo provides a central and secure interface to manage your teams.

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Cheap, Simple And Effective! Using The Tools You Have No need to purchase any additional equipment or install new programs on your computer. You only need a mobile phone and Internet connected computer. Try it now. Download the app Sign up for an account, then download the app to get started.

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Mobile App Features free. Fully Automated Set and forget function to activate Safe-halo. Discrete Communications Internal system messaging or Broadcasts. Battery Optimization Three settings to extend battery.

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App Screenshots Easy to navigate, user-friendly interface. Client Feedback Hear what our customers have to say. Frequently Asked Questions. Details You can activate and deactivate any number users within your account, at any time. The maximum number of active users at any one time can not exceed your licensed amount.

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Minimum of 10 licence per account, then licences are sold in lots of 5 thereafter. The licence period is 12 months The Satellite Trackers. Please check here for our latest prices Click here to try Safe-halo for 30 days free. Click here to try Safe-halo for 30 days free.

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The notice must indicate: a the kind of surveillance to be carried out GPS for tracking purposes , and b how the surveillance will be carried out via the installation of a GPS tracking app on your device , and c when the surveillance will start, and d whether the surveillance will be continuous, intermittent, for a specified period or ongoing. Find out more Q: What Web Browser do I need to use? Safe-halo will operate best using Goggle Chrome, then followed by Firefox and Safari. Safe-halo is owned and maintained by hq Pty Ltd located in Wollongong, NSW Australia We have helped a number of larger organisation roll out Safe-halo to their teams.

If you would like additional help rolling out Safe-halo, contact us and let us know your requirements. Q: Do We Offer Discounts? Yes we do. Contact us and let us know your requirements. Sign up for an account, then download the app to get started. Remote Worker Update. See South32's other Tweets.

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Remote And Isolated Work When you work remotely or in isolation, you are unable to get immediate attention from rescue, medical or emergency services. Monday, 12 March, Degree of harm that might result from the hazard or the risk. Admin Safe-Halo. Play Video.

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  5. Fortunately, my phone is just in my house. I have turned my phone into Silent Mode that is why I am unable to locat Good to know you found your phone. It nearly gave me a heart attack. The remote lock and erase feature is new to me. Posts 1 ZenCredit 0 Points 6 best answer 0. I tried this when my phone was stolen.

    Track Someone's Current Mobile Number Location Free Online using GPS and IMEI

    Unfortunately, since my phone wasn't connected to the Internet by that time, i wasn't able to locate it. So i used the erase option to wipe all my data in the Phone. I hope they'll make an app where,when you realized that your phone was stolen, aside from erasing all the data, it will render useless too, meaning they won't be able to open it or access it even with the use of any software available for hacking or whatever. Unfortunately, since my phone wasn't connected to the Interne Tan Lee Level 7. Posts ZenCredit 0 Points best answer 2.

    I have experience the same jovel. My zenfone 5 before was stolen and i trieNd to use device manager location on to erase all of data, i hope it works even my phone is not connected on internet.

    IP-based Geolocation FAQ

    I tried also locate my device using those features in device manager but sad its not working. Complete address , important banking account number, multiple social accounts everything important all of that save in my stolen zenfone 5. So bad! My zenfone 5 before was stolen and i trieNd to use device manager SimaYi Level 1. Posts 2 ZenCredit 0 Points 2 best answer 0. You need to login first Login Register Now. Reply Post new threads Rate Like Favorites. People Also Viewed. Fast reply Top Return to list. Share link list. Share by pm. Google can rang your Zenfone into Volume 5.

    Good to know you found your phone Yeah. Hi Jovel, thanks for sharing your experience. I hope that all of your data in your phone are deleted.